Tire repair and replacement in Houston, Texas

After driving your car daily, your tires are sure to get damage over time. Whether it’s regular wear and tear or a nail that’s punctured one of your tires, the technicians at Prime Time Autosport can patch you right up.  We are a reputable company who will not urge you to replace a tire at the first sign of a flat. Instead, we’ll take our time to do a full inspection of the damage so we can assess whether a replacement is necessary. We take care of all major brands, which means you don’t have to run around for repairs. Contact us for more information.

Best Tire Installation in Houston

Part of maintaining a healthy vehicle includes removing faulty tires. Primetime Autosport offers quality affordable Tire Installation in Houston TX.

Tire maintenance is crucial to the safety and longevity of your car. Tires need to be selected by the right dimension for the vehicle model and make. Tires should be purchased in sets of four, or at the minimum matching groups of 2 on each axle. You can shop for tires by size, brand name, or car make, style, and year. Visit our location to browse our huge inventory of tires, and compare tire specifications and costs before buying, to see if you are receiving the best tires for your needs and price range.

Tires wear in time, tread begins to become thin, which can cause the used wheel losing traction. This creates safety risks that can be avoided. Manufacturers recommend tires must not be used for longer than 10 years. It’s suggested to replace these tires every 6 years, yet with regular usage tires being changed every couple of years is typical. Wear happens with regular driving. Other factors such as roadway conditions, driving habits and weather may decrease the life of your tires.

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